What I've learned so far...

Updated: Aug 12

I am relatively new to my spiritual journey and to witchcraft. Some would call me a baby witch, but at 50 that doesn't really feel right. I own the new though. You may wonder since I'm so new to this what I could possibly have to share. Well, it's this: 1. Be careful what you do. I recently found out that I basically worked my first spell on someone when all I thought I was doing was releasing negative energy that I had carried around for years. Now don't get me wrong, the person probably got what they had coming to them, but I'm super uncomfortable with the fact that I did something without intending to. I know we can't control everything in life, but our actions are probably the one thing we can control. This is not me saying never do hex work. This is me saying be dang sure you know that what's you’re doing.

2. Life is not all "Light and Love" and anyone that tries to tell you this is someone to treat as suspicious. I believe happiness is a choice that we make. That doesn't mean that there are not going to be times when you are going to feel otherwise. Embrace all of you. That's what shadow work really is. It's not getting rid of your shadow. It's embracing it and realizing that's how you achieve balance.

3. Last but most important, find a good mentor. This is very important. This is someone that can help you sort through some of what's out there. They can guide you and prevent you from wasting time and effort. They can also help minimize the number of times you do something like my number one.

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